I’ll be back on later guys, I’m going out to see my brother and his girlfriend along with their twins love you all (✿◠‿◠)

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*i was so scared my body was trembling* *i didn’t know what to think about the whole situation I was so hurt and scared* -Liz


I shush you, “iz calm down. You’re alright. It’s me, Niall remember? nYou’re okay. nothing’s going to hurt you.” I murmur gently. ~Niall

04-18 / 10:16
im-real-not-perfect-deal-with-it asked: I giggle softly and moves up kissing you deeply -Kimi

I smile widely and kiss back, my fingers running through your hair. ~Zayn

04-18 / 10:14
ukcrazedcandiangirl asked: *my breathing quickens as you get closer and closer to where I want you most* - becca

I get to the waistband of your panties, as I slowly pull them down your legs. ~Louis

04-18 / 10:14
lets-1d-role-play asked: I finish the sing and smile. "I still can't believe I'm the sixth member of One Direction" I say with a giggle. -Destiny

I smile over at you, “well either way, I’m glad you’re a part of mine and the boys’ lives now.” ~Liam 

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Anonymous asked: I smile and stand. "Ok. Who's ready to go?" I ask as I clap my hands. -DC

All the boys jump up and I chuckle, “I’ll take that as everyone.” ~Harry

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michaelsprostitute asked: That.. Was amazing Ni -Kelsea

I hum lightly and kiss your head, “I’m glad you liked it.” I murmur, kissing your temple. ~Niall

04-18 / 10:14
iwillmeetthem-all-of-them asked: (you're stunning) *cuddles into Zayn and watches Niall*-Allyson// dare. -Niall

(aww, thank you lovely.) I smirk lightly, “hmm oky I’ll keep it clean just for now, I dare you to go get that cup, fill it half way with vinegar and stir in mayo, ketchup and mustard and drink the whole thing.” ~Zayn

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(glad you back babe!) *looks at you and tries to speak but only tears came out* *i was shaking so bad* *i looked at myself up and down and saw a cast on my leg, my ribs were rapped up, and i had a ton of bruises* -Liz


I shush you, “You don’t have to say anything, just stay calm, alright?” ~Niall

04-16 / 20:26
im-real-not-perfect-deal-with-it asked: I laughs softly and looks up at you "you're the one who's all cuddly and warm today.." -Kimi

I chuckle and shrug, “I’m just happy I’m with you.” ~Zayn

04-16 / 20:26
michaelsprostitute asked: W-wow *breathes heavily as I close my eyes* -Kelsea

I pull you into my arms, kissing your forehead. ~Niall

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ukcrazedcandiangirl asked: *I whimper and buck my hips up wanting more* louis please I at least need your fingers i'm already so wet for you - becca

I smirk lightly and nod, kissing down your chest, pressing butterfly kisses along your stomach. ~Louis

04-16 / 20:26
ukcrazedcandiangirl asked: i just have to tell you your really pretty btw :)

aww thank you cutie (✿◠‿◠)

04-16 / 20:26

Selfie time? I think so.

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